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Commercial Bridge Loans

Bridge Loans are a short term real estate secured option for borrowers/investors that need a quick closing, don't qualify for a traditional bank loan or a property that doesn't currently cash-flow and needs to be repositioned and/or rehabbed.


Construction Loans

We offer a full range of construction financing solutions, to top-tier real estate investors, developers, and borrowers. Whether you're a long term commercial real estate investor,  or a professional home-builder seeking financing for a speculative construction, we can partner with you to fulfill your needs. We are providing ground up construction funding for most property types.


Land Development

Depending on the property location, strength of the borrower and a solid exit strategy, AFG can provide financing on land acquisition and/or lot development from a single lot, to a large subdivision to large commercial projects.

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Rehab loans help real estate investors fund the purchase and renovation of investment properties. They’re used by both short-term investors to fix-and-flip properties as well as long-term investors looking for renovation financing for rental properties. Rehab loans combine a property purchase and rehab costs into a single, short-term loan with quick funding times and interest-only payments.

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